About the Tailor Transfer Partner Program

In today’s economy, retailers are under increasing pressure to remain viable by generating revenue and increasing profits. As your current and prospective customers struggle with purchasing decisions, it is more important than ever to offer wide-ranging services without sacrificing quality. For added revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction, turn to the Tailor Transfer Partner Program.

The Tailor Transfer Partner Program is the only end-to-end, all-inclusive offering that empowers you to provide your customers the highest-quality film and video transfer services at no cost to you.

The program gives you an instant suite of film, video, and other transfer services that you can sell to your clients immediately. The program also provides you with total support at every stage of the sales and delivery cycle—from setting your own prices and online ordering to customer communications and promotional materials. We are always available to field questions, and we go above and beyond in fulfilling requests and providing the utmost in quality — with no hidden costs to you.

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About Tailor Transfer

Tailor Transfer has been providing high-quality, professional transfer of film, videotapes, photographs, and slides since 1985. Located just outside Philadelphia in Feasterville, PA, Tailor Transfer services camera shops, photo processing labs, and video dealers across the country with 100% digital transfer to DVD or Blu-ray.