Outstanding Customer Service

What if you could gain a competitive edge through enhanced services and reliable customer support?

As a Tailor Transfer Partner, you can count on us to provide the highest quality products and customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable team operates with a “yes, we can” attitude - readily answering questions and fulfilling ordinary (and extraordinary) requests from both you and your customers.

We understand that old films, videos, photos, and memories are treasured by your customers and take extra measures to preserve their value and respect their importance. We complete virtually every job in 5-7 days, so your customers get their cherished original materials back quickly. We also take pride in our secure handling of your customers’ materials and have a back-up system for further assurance.

You can remain confident that we work hard to make you look good in the eyes of your customer - allowing you to maintain your commitment to supporting your customers’ needs without taking time away from the focus of your core business.

Working with Tailor Transfer is easy:

  1. Complete your customer’s order online or with an order form
  2. Send us your customer’s materials
  3. Your order will be processed within 5-7 days

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