Film Transfer Services

As a member of the Tailor Transfer Partner Program, you can offer your customers high-quality film transfers. For just one price, we transfer 16mm (sound or silent; optical or magnetic), Super8mm (sound or silent) or R8mm movie films to DVD-R, Blu-Ray Disc or digital files, allowing your customers to edit, stream or archive their films in their preferred format. 16mm films will be converted to 18 or 24 frames per second at its original proper speed.

Does your customer have several forms of media that they need transferred? At Tailor Transfer, we provide a complete package, combining different media formats (R8mm, 16mm, slides, photos, etc) onto one DVD production.

As part of this this one-priced package, your customers benefit from the following features:

As a Tailor Transfer Partner, there are also several features that you will benefit from. Each transfer includes the following:

Expand your services with top-quality film transfer services.

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