Tailor Transfer Uses FlashScan HD to Provide High-Quality Transfers

October 11, 2012 — Tailor Transfer, a leader in professional media transfer services, continues to offer their customers top-of-the-line film transfers through use of the FlashScan HD scanner, one of the most advanced pieces of cine transfer equipment available.

The FlashScan HD offers high definition scanning of 8mm and Super8 silent and sound film, then down-converting the files for Standard Definition DVD. The scanner, only owned by a few transfer companies in the United States, allows for advanced color corrections and picture enhancement to create better-than-ever film transfers.

According to Peter Wolk, President of Tailor Transfer, the FlashScan HD is just one quality that sets Tailor Transfer apart from its competitors. Wolk says, "After digital conversion from the FlashScan HD, we apply additional improvements by manually preforming lighting, contrast and color correction when necessary. One price includes everything our customers need for a truly professional transfer, including film cleaning and splicing, opening title, background music, editing of all blank film, and a professionally printed DVD with our partners' logo and contact information."

"We continuously strive to provide our customers with the latest and highest quality products and services," continues Wolk. "Working with the FlashScan HD has allowed us to better meet the needs of our customers and provide the best transfers in the business."

Through Tailor Transfer's use of the FlashScan HD scanner, customers benefit from:

For more information, please email info@tailortransfer.com or call 888-322-3228.

Note: Transfers to .avi and .mov files are not backed up. The Tailor Transfer Back-Up System is offered as a convenience to clients and is not guaranteed protection from drive crashes and other events.